ATV Skid Plates

ATVs are born to be driven off-road. Whether you use your vehicle for farm or forest work, for everyday chores around your property or just for some good old fashioned off-roading fun, you still have to go over rocks and stumps, through mud and ditches, navigate between trees and rocks, and maneuver in tight spaces. We know that in order to make the most of your vehicle, it needs solid and reliable protection that lets you concentrate on the job at hand and not worry about damaging it.

Factory stock plastic bottom covers are generally totally insufficient in offering protection against impacts and usually shatter at the first serious contact with rocks or tree stumps. Some manufacturers do not offer any bottom covers at all and leave the engine, driveshaft, control arms, reducers and even the fuel tank totally exposed to potential damage. The plastic parts of ATVs are usually made of light yet easily breakable plastic, which is not able to withstand a collision. So using a low-quality bottom cover or no protection at all, means you have to be extra careful or risk expensive repairs.

These are the reasons we created Iron Baltic. Our skid plates give you the peace of mind to drive through bushes, glide over stones and stomps, and go through mud and water without having to worry about breaking your ATV. We started in 2006 with custom hand made ATV skid plates and have since expanded our product line to include more than 200 different aluminium and plastic skid plates for most common ATV brands. We are constantly developing new products and are committed to improving the existing models based on feedback from users and ATV manufacturers.

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Skid plates