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A SEGWAY SNARLER ATV equipped with Iron Baltic's 2-in-1 Modular Plow Bucket is an ideal and efficient helper in your household. The 2-in-1 Modular Plow Bucket is an efficient multi-purpose tool that can be used for cleaning, leveling, and moving work.
The plow bucket full kit consists bucket, push tube and a mounting adapter. 

SNARLER AT6 S and L Models

Front-fitted winch required to lift and lower the plow
(not supplied with the plow kit)


  • 2-1 Plow bucket kit
  • Front mount push tube (Quick attach)
  • Model-based front mount adapter

The 2in1 modular plow bucket combines a BUCKET and a PLOW, which means that when the bucket module is removed, the bucket becomes a plow suitable for pushing snow.

The advantage of the device is that the bottom of the bucket opens, which allows the bucket to be emptied even in the raised position.

  • Simple installation - easy on / easy off.
  • Special ball-lock quick-connect pins to change the tool in between the plow and bucket setup.
  • Loading/unloading (up / down movement) by ATV winch.
  • The bucket dump release is operable from the driver´s seat with an adjustable lever.
  • The working angle and length of the bucket dump lever are adjustable to match the vehicle where fitted.
  • Additionally available are plow extensions, rubber lip, and hydraulic lift and dump options.
  • The product comes with a user manual and installation guide.

Iron Baltic brings 10 years of experience and the latest technologies used in production to North America.

The product is available delivered free of charge within 48 states of USA from Iron Baltic´s fulfillment warehouse in Kansas, USA.

Shipping (LTL) is available also to Canada but additional fees may apply (please check to confirm when ordering).

Click here to read more:
ATV and UTV Modular Plow Bucket system 

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